The melancholy of developing secondary sexual characteristics

Transgender children, those who struggle to identify with either male or female gender roles, will have a difficult time overcoming puberty, when the body will change significantly. Much inaccurate information exists on the internet, and can cause great confusion to both children and parents.


Experience from Transgender Children

I couldn’t go to school because I was afraid of what people thought of me.

I was afraid that my body would change and sometimes I would hurt myself.

My teacher supported me by being flexible with uniforms and training camps.

I felt uncomfortable in uniforms or underwear.

I tried to “self-medicate” myself by taking large doses of hormones that I bought on a foreign website, which resulted in going to the ER.

Things we want you to know

  1. Some children have swaying gender identities, while others have not changed consistently.
  2. “Gender Identity Disorder” has been removed from the category of mental illness. (The WHO has created a new category named “Gender Incongruence”)
  3. Consultation regarding uniforms and restrooms is possible without medical certification. (It is a human rights violation to ask for certification for a minor environment change.)
  4. If a person is in pain with their situation, they can be prescribed medication that can stop their physical development temporarily.
  5. There are an increasing number of transgender people in high schools, universities and corporations. Even if you are transgender, you don't have to give up education or carrier opportunity.

Recommended book

A Handbook of Transgender and Work Environment

A Handbook of Transgender and Work Environment

Author: Yuko Higashi, Nijiiro Diversity, ReBit
Published by JMA Management Center (2018)

Our Dreams at Dusk

Our Dreams at Dusk

Author: Yuhki Kamatani
Published by Shogakukan (2015)