Yorisoi Hotline

24h free of charge
Press “4” (help regarding gender and sexuality) on audio guide.

List of Helplines

Some assisting organizations provide face-to-face interviews

Support Group


Since 2010, with the concept of “Connecting LGBTQ members raising children and those around them”, including picnics and meetings for everyone to casually join, as well as sharing LGBTQ family experiences.

Discussing Diversity. lag

Meetings and parent-child workshops are held as a place for self acceptance about sexual identity and life, for both adults and children.

List of LGBTQ supporting groups

Recommended book

What is Gender Diversity?

What is Gender Diversity?

Supervising editor: Daisuke Watanabe
Published by Poplar Publishing (2016)

Two Moms Starting a Family

Two Moms Starting a Family

Author: Haru Ono
Published by Koudansha (2020)

URL list of references in PDF

Nijiiro Parenting Booklet

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Report of survey of LGBTQ and parenting