Children's Voices

I was disappointed that the roles were divided by gender at the school play. Boys to be bears, girls to be rabbits made me sad.

When I played with dinosaurs and miniature cars,
I was told that I looked like a boy.

Parents' voices

Since I hadn't come out to my neighbors, I was nervous when the government employees (welfare committee members) visited my home.

It is customary for the mother to be contacted first instead of the father when something happens to the child. I think it is nonsense.

I had a hard time knowing what to write in the family section of the application form for nursery school.

Happy memories

When I told my nursery school teacher about my situation, they started to treat my same-sex partner as a guardian.

The color of the child's smock was different for males and females, but they unified it to yellow after I expressed my opinion.

In our survey, many children had hard times caused by gender expectations ever since they could remember. We hope that all people will understand that there are many different kinds of children and families.


Children's Voices

The princesses in fairy tales are completely incomprehensible to me. But when I asked, “Why are princesses always waiting for the prince? ”
I got scolded.

I wanted to cry when I was wearing my favorite blue T-shirt and the kids around me said I looked weird and like a boy.

Parents' voices

My heart hurts a little when mothers and fathers appear as a set on TV or in picture books.

At school events, only the mother is in charge of cooking.

Happy memories

I am a girl who was allowed to play the role of a hero.

I was allowed to play with toys of my choice, regardless of whether they were for boys or girls.

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Published by Italian institution of publishing(2013)

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