Struggles from Sports and club activities

In the area of sports and club activities, uniforms are often divided into male and female, and many events require undressing in locker rooms and at training camps. There also exists a power in balance between senior and junior students, which can lead to sexual and power harassment.
In this situation, LGBTQ people tend to experience more painful events. Data shows, 41.5% of LGBTQ members in sports experienced discriminatory comments. Let’s think of what we can do to make sports enjoyable for everyone.

Recommended book

SPORTS for EVERYONE 2nd Edition

スポーツ フォー エブリワン

Published by PRIDE HOUSE TOKYO (2020)

Women in Sports-Fifty Fearless Athletes Who Played to Win


Author: Rachel Ignotofsky
Translater: Momo Nonaka
Published by Sogensha(2019)

When your child comes out to you

According to a study performed by Mie-prefecture of full-day High Schools, 10 percent of students were LGBTQ. It is not uncommon for children and friends to be LGBTQ. The upbringing of a child is not what causes them to become LGBTQ. Please listen to what they really want to say.

Recommended book

Coming Out Letters


Author: Hideki Sunagawa
Published by TaroJiro-Sha Editus(2007)